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We got a great variety of bras, surgery for those that can afford them in the long run, and exercises that can help with this. And is ok to try all of this or one, or none. But that's not the point. The point is you have to stop looking for approval and embrace and love what it has become and see the beauty of the things when they go wrong. Think about this example. We tend to say that in most situations in life or let's say relationship or friendship we must love and deal with and stick with…

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So many types of vaginas out there, but we all have something in common they swell when horny, some are noticeable some just a bit.

I mean come on Ladies, once you finish having sex, don’t you want to feel bull-legged and have a reason to tell yourself that was worth it. If you look down and that remains the same proportion you know dam well he didn't take a decent amount of time for you.

Sit on the kitchen table spread those legs and tell him, “Make this pussy fat papito!” Yup…. telling him this automatically will set him…

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We stumble across new faces every day so many times, we know they are all different individuals but for some reason, we think it's ok to have interactions with strangers and chit chat or make friends without testing them first. And we also understand that we teach our little ones to not trust strangers or speak to strangers but as adults, we lack this.

In no way I want people to walk around all paranoid but have you looked at the news lately, do you seriously think we could not be of some type of tragic statistic for being so…

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Yesterday my kids went on to get regular shots, I hate these shots because I already know what to expect when it comes to side effects. So I was already preparing myself mentally.

So once we left the kids clinic from getting each kid their yearly wellness check including shots, (so they call it now) we made a couple of stops then went home. My daughter was acting hyper, shots seem to put kids this way sometimes so I'm used to it, but my son was feeling a bit off. My son had 2 shots and my daughter 3. …

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How grateful I am to be still breathing day by day. To be able to laugh and keep my sense of humor, which most lose after being impacted by so many deaths. Though it might feel so sad at times because you don't know when you will actually keep this up, and you also feel guilty for those who moved on to a much better place where suffering is no more.

The fact that I am still here that I can see the skies, we are all so privileged to be in this world. The light of the skies, the…

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  1. 2 avocados
  2. 1/4 jalapeno
  3. 1 tsp pico del Gallo
  4. 3 cloves of garlic
  5. 1/4 tsp Himalayan salt
  6. 1/4 tsp pepper
  7. 1/4 tsp paprika
  8. less than a teaspoon of lime
  9. less than a teaspoon of cilantro (cut)
  10. 2 cups Queso Crema Mexicana

Mix all together in a blender and garnish with a lime and chunks of cilantro, and there you ready to serve.

You can use this as a taco topping or with toast in breakfast, tortilla chips, or any snacks especially cheese snacks. And OMG …does it goes well with hot potatoes!

This salsa doesn't only have a good texture…

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5 million pores it will take you to satisfy me. I don't only want, I need you to make love to me slowly. I need you to kiss me gently make my body your memory foam, make me abundant in all your sexual horizons.

5 million pores and still with 1 day under your possession, you can lick all my skin and reach my needs down to my toes. Make art with our bodies blended together with our own juices ejecting without even reaching the point of inserting.

5 million pores it will take you to satisfy me, breath me…

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You rubbed your scent on my lips, but I never cared to complain. I smelled like you and it made me want you more. How dare I not try, and lose this opportunity and let you get away. I might never get another chance but if I show you I can easily make you addicted to me and you would linger with hesitation and flaunt with desperation.

You will be mine. This time make my whole face smell like you. Make my body exhausted, poor that cum inside me, elevate me from my bed and proceed to make love to…

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Way before the pandemic hit, texting was already an issue, social life was declining, and the depression rate, and divorce rate were bad, after pandemic all these and more issues skyrocketed in a way that society itself is carrying on very anti-social, becoming a well-suited manipulative addiction for those who have no sense of control regardless of any mental illness.

You see texting is no problem. The problem is in the mind of the person so weak that is easy to over adapt to any situation excessively into an extreme mode, without having any remorse whatsoever or consideration of who…

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  1. Drink warm water in the morning with only one drop of magnesium and 2 lemons.
  2. Get a mason Jar and fall in love with it, add fresh clean water, a lemon, cilantro, and parsley with cucumber and Apple vinegar and drink up.
  3. Drink twice a day green tea, substitute this for your daily coffee make sure to add honey, and enjoy
  4. Maple syrup and lemon water and enjoy...
  5. Try intermittent fasting for 8 hours without eating, just drinking water, then the other half eat a healthy meal with all your proteins and carb.
  6. Go one day without eating just juicing…

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