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Couscous with Bell Peppers and Chicken Topped with Lemon Juice

Looking for couscous recipes?Look no further than this elegant dish. Made with all your favorite veggies!

Couscous derived from North Africa but many until this day continue to debate the whereabouts. Places you can find couscous will be in Moroccan and Israeli. Moreover, it is produced entirely in Italy.

Couscous has a whole grain appearance, but it’s pasta made of semolina and wheat flour that is moistened and tossed together until it forms little balls.

One of the reasons I really think couscous is so special is because it absorbs well any sauce, or juice you put into it,like a sponge when it takes in all that water. Fruits, vegetables, and meats are all used in couscous. A number of dishes regardless if they are made as a main, or side dish; it has made a global impact becoming so popular being that it’s so easy to make.

One of my favorite dishes to make with Couscous; is Couscous with Bell Peppers and Chicken. I will keep you updated if I come up with a new recipe.


Prep Time:20 min

Cook time:25min


2 cups of couscous


olive oil

coconut oil

himalayan salt

pepper (to taste)

2 lemon

1tsp paprika

1 tsp chili pepper

1 cayenne pepper

1 cup broccoli

1 can of 15oz of sweet peas and carrots

1 can of corn

multi-color bell peppers

1 can of garbanzos

sprinkle chicken bouillon less than a tsp

1 tsp turmeric

1 white onion (choice)


1 tomatoes

1avocado (for side)


  1. Start by boiling the water with butter, and simply follow the couscous cooking instructions.
  2. Add olive oil and coconut oil to another pan; proceed to add onions and garlic first for 2 min while mixing constantly.
  3. Add the rest of the herbs, except the sweetpeas and corn,that's added at the end.
  4. Afterwards start with cutting in small slices the chicken adding the same seasoning, or just salt, garlic, and chili pepper, and cayenne paprika. Add olive oil to the pan start cooking at medium hit mixing around constantly.
  5. Make sure at this point you wash garbanzos and proceed to add them where the chicken is cooking, keep mixing around until fully cooked.
  6. Now take the broccoli out of the water and proceed to cut the stems to just stay with the top tree part. Mix them in with the couscous.
  7. Now,mix in the sweetpeas ,corn and the chicken with the garbanzos.
  8. Last; serve this dish with lemon and avocado.




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