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Ebay Feedback Is More Than Important

Buyers love to be acknowledged in so many ways, if they go out of their way to buy from you, it won't hurt to leave kind feedback, skipping this can hurt your store.

This is more than important, because it speaks about your stores' image and reputation and that in all is a whole and it includes the people behind it all.

How many times do we go to a store and customer service was horrible and we bring that awful memory and actually remember it, we keep it in the back of our heads, and whenever you go by there or close by, you remember again the whole scenario that traumatized you or even made you think twice of walking inside again, so in our heads, everyone is the same inside regardless if it was just one asshole that ruined it for us, that woked up in the wrong side of the bed that day and didn't care enough to have the decency to leave all that anger home and not bring it to the job.

Well, there we go!

Feedback is very important, especially for your customers and others that check out the feedback as well, whether it's online or not.

Something you need to not confuse feedback can be mistaken for a review, these two, are very different.

Feedback has an expectation that the information shared will improve the company or business, unlike review which is used to criticize and be open to going more in-depth of all the flaws they can personally find, to see other liked minds that went through the experience, though most have star ratings usually is rare to see more good than bad.

Giving feedback shows your paying attention, that even if we are an online business and you don't see us, we are in the back end supporting each and every one of you, making sure customers are being heard.

Feedback shows your present when you are NOT, and that you are not a bot. Omg! Don't we all hate bots at the moment when we seek an answer or just be heard????

On eBay, feedback makes you stand out, and not only that I noticed more eyes on my items as if every time I give feedback, eBay likes it and somehow pushes more eyes on me, whether if that's the case or not, it is working for me and many others.

I suggest you try this and don't forget to give good feedback about how well the transaction went, remember every feedback you get, gets u higher towards a Top Seller and helps you better understand where your company is at, how well you’re performing and gives you upfront details of where you're headed.

Feedback is like a Thank you but shows them that you are fully aware and keeping up with your small business or Empire. And eBay will love you for this and the impact of it all is amazing.




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Sulanita Sanchez

Sulanita Sanchez

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