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Embrace The Beauty of Your Saggy Breast for Time Being

I know for most women it can be disheartening the acceptance especially depending on the culture, or approval of others like a partner that can make an impact on our self-esteem, but not giving a fuck is your best route.

We got a great variety of bras, surgery for those that can afford them in the long run, and exercises that can help with this. And is ok to try all of this or one, or none. But that's not the point. The point is you have to stop looking for approval and embrace and love what it has become and see the beauty of the things when they go wrong. Think about this example. We tend to say that in most situations in life or let's say relationship or friendship we must love and deal with and stick with when things are dark, and in the worst times because this is the way to prove how much we really love them no matter what, through thick and thin, through good and bad. But when it comes to our own bodies we seem to be so hard and judgemental when we should love ourselves more and follow that same advice, even more. So to me is sort of hypocritical to do otherwise.

We move and do everything with our bodies why not just continue to do so and stop being curious about what others think of us. I mean fixing ourselves up by going under the knife is not even less approving, sometimes we need this when the problem slips out of our hands, and any change in the future is done because you love your body so much that you want to make it right again. But I'm so against making it right for other's approval.

You see, I'm always the one that if millions of people go against something that I believe, is ok as long as I am not harming anyone and I'm not disrespecting anyone, still people will get mad when I'm doing a dam good job, so why give a fuck?!!! I could be humiliated by millions for wearing a shirt, bullied, and much more, and I will wear that shirt for many years to come just to hear more shit from them, STOP GIVING A FUCK!

So after having two kids and being humiliated by my daughter's father and his wife by calling me out for my breast, I knew it was bullshit, even before I loved my breast and I loved them more now, would I get them fixed? “hell yes”, but not yet, I love my sag is not exaggerated but there is some sag, and believe me my husband loves it, and it never stopped me from dating before him, and men always seem to compliment me so, but truth is, if my husband just happened to not like my breast, I don't give a fuck, I will just replace my husband with who does really enjoy them, sorry, just being real! I will never change myself for anyone, that is my character. STOP GIVING A FUCK! Once I have more kids and finish breastfeeding I will finally get them fixed when I'm older. My respects for those ladies who do mommy makeovers, but I want more children so that's not my goal.

I actually take time to look at my breast and I really love them and like how they fall nicely, I also love how they fall nicely onto my husband's mouth, lol!

Seriously my areolas are very well circled and large asf! The more overweight they seem to tilt down so losing weight helps too. But they are beautiful and I love showing them to my husband and walking around with them loose, I hate bras, but yes I wear them sometimes.

You will learn to love yourself the more you learn to look at your beautiful silhouette in the mirror and stare and observe and come to peace. Take every day after a shower or have a, Me Spa Day where you can look and adjust mentally to every change and learn to love the idea of YOU transforming into different stages of a woman during your lifetime. Because it is no surprise that we do age and change just like a butterfly love!

Well, I wish a lot of willpower to all you Ladies out there, do this, and you will feel better trust me!




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Sulanita Sanchez

Sulanita Sanchez

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