Do you find this hard to believe? Ask yourself why?

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More money, more problems is what they say, is what I hear and see, with many people throughout the world. So much unpleasant envy comes from others at a much superior end and more at the lowest, and gratification from becoming ambitious and successful could turn out to be regretful, painful, or just good. Though is not bad, many perceive it this way, but few humble ones don't.

You may think money resolves it all, some but not all. It could also bring in partnership, important relations, connections that can even impact you in many respectable ways if done correctly. Trust would be hard to extend easily when your this high up with so many cons.

And to the humble ones, family is more important and it reflects at all times. but for others, they will find out in a hard way, probably never. Some forget they don't bring this shit with them once they leave this Earth.

You might ask yourselves? Wait … so why so much negativity, why go so far to reach it all? Because money is not bad is a resource that helps. Not the soul but to meet goals. And in those goals, helping others should always be number one, bringing more help to those small voices that can’t be heard. A movement.

The process of becoming, being, and knowing you could. That’s being successful knowing you broke the barrier and in the end helped a wide range of people. Leaving this world making an impact is what counts. Making your family NUMBER ONE all the way up while achieving greatness.

In my head every day I'm closer, I bring that fire to the table and I lead it.

I may not be close to becoming a real billionaire anytime soon, as my title, I may not be, but the richness in the soul, the information and education, this knowledge that pulls me and pushes me, the faith in myself to make a change has me. Supplementing that energy, waking every day with different income streams, when you know you started from zero. Feels dam good. The process is what I like, making a change. If before you can help one person, later you can help more. You don't even have to be a billionaire to do this. Don't judge because is mine.

Paul Newman helped more people than his wealth was worth in all his life, with his several nonprofit organizations and camps. That is a great example of achieving greatness in one's life.

I learned from many that you act what you want to be, or would want to achieve, you act as you got it already and that my friends will change your paradigm. When the odds are against you, smile and keep going because trial and error should be your friend for life because it teaches you what you have done wrong, challenges you until you get it right, then when you achieved that you better believe that another obstacle will develop and head towards your way, this time your more prepared and waiting for it with open arms ready to embrace and change it. And this is YOU taking control of your life, your journey.

People need to program themselves and be more determined in whatever their goal is.




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Sulanita Sanchez

Sulanita Sanchez

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