Life After Isolation

Rebuilding yourself after a whole nation's downfall is somewhat as much easier to get through when you know you are not the only one in the world whose life has been impacted and are barely pulling to get by these tough times.

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How grateful I am to be still breathing day by day. To be able to laugh and keep my sense of humor, which most lose after being impacted by so many deaths. Though it might feel so sad at times because you don't know when you will actually keep this up, and you also feel guilty for those who moved on to a much better place where suffering is no more.

The fact that I am still here that I can see the skies, we are all so privileged to be in this world. The light of the skies, the sun beaming at our faces is letting us know day by day that we are being seen looked upon, followed by all these factors reminding us day by day that we serve a purpose and we must look for it and accomplish it before it is too late.

It is not ours forever no matter how much we would like it this way. We are made to be a particle of the universe clearly still filled with value, it shows you to understand the smallest things are still significant too many or shoulder be but still are regardless of your opinion.

One thing I have learned in this world is to never underestimate the potential of anyone's brain no matter what, especially the potential of our world let alone our lives, and the smallest things that might be belittled unintentionally. Life matters people! Putting jokes aside.

In the end, if this world finds healing or not, we learn to adapt but we as humans will never adapt to such pain because we, we who do good deeds know we have done nothing to live in any fear or to be hurt. We will evolve but still remain optimistic and always prevail with our hearts leading the way. We were meant to fight battles and cry to take it all out to, later on, suck up our pains and manifest many things and push harder than the first fall and retrieve when it is necessary. We are not trial & error, we are not a human experiment, we had a reason to be, find your purpose and then, in the end, dissipate peacefully, because you will know when you have done it all, all the impossible.

Do you feel it in the breeze, the wind, the sun glimmer, the stars when they light your path? Is amazing, can you see it in the smiles, in the endless gestures, can you see it in the middle of someone's suffering, and can you see the potential on the ones who they claim are unable? It is there waiting. It is there just waiting for you to notice. The feeling you get when you touch a tree the texture that makes you somehow understand that you still are alive and that this is somehow part of your essence.

The smell of nature, the water when you dive in is an endless feeling, I can even go further the scent of a newborn and the last breath of any random senior, the smile of a senior that suffers dementia when you remind them of a sibling that they long have forgotten about and suddenly remembered once you remind them.

Even that simple “I love you”, that we say to each other repeatedly throughout the day means sooo much, I can't express this enough, we were build to say to each other this, that detailed text or written letter, that phone call to check up on each other, that making love with that amazing person you never thought you ever were going to find.

When you open the door to any gender and they act surprised, when you help someone randomly, you could have changed that person's perspective of this world. We are brought here for a reason and NO PANDEMIC IS GOING TO RUIN OUR LEGACY!

I love you ALL! Have FAITH!




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Sulanita Sanchez

Sulanita Sanchez

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