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To All The Girls Like Gabby Petito

We tend to give non-stop chances hoping to see the good; when all there is, is an empty soul waiting to dry us out to feed on our souls, until we give up or have dried out.

We are full of life waiting to extend in so many ways, become of the many things we know we can be if we put full focus on ourselves, we are stars already, but yet we don't see it, just feel it not so far, but neither close, while the ones that prey on us, see it before us that we are special and shine in the most idiosyncratic course of action.

We smile and make smile like no one could ever imagine, our presence is known and remembered in peoples minds, we influence with not much effort, give chances to those who walk with unpropitious souls, we truly believe if, with just a little push they could become so much more and have slight remorse, we lift those around us, to not see people dwell.

We remind those constantly what they wanted to be and still could be, Except THE PURENESS of our SOUL is more than a gift at birth is earned with every good choice made.

Those who have an empty cold heart, and never succeeded to have a chance to experience a breathable spirit, will only continue to stay around to learn our ways to try to dismantle what we worked so hard for, to just realize every quality passed on to US, was created from day one of life, so they choose to secretly abhor, sadly the one we thought that loved us and cared for us was going to vitiate our peregrination.

To just find out after we move on to the afterlife and transform to this beautiful angel, we continue on more precious than before. So tell me what harm did you do? My family knows I'm in a better place now, even if takes them time to adapt, foolish boy, humans are meant to adapt, you continue being this empty soul, that tried to feed yours with all the good of mines, to realize you’re just rotten, can’t even add, “pure” next to, or before the word rotten.

Foolish Boy, you took one more out of the earth, so you think? You forget I still am part of this ecosystem, I was frequency on Earth and I am still energy, you never stopped me nor us, but I'm out here saving others, I'm making miracles, while you run and hide. Even when you are done hiding my memory will torment you, is just the rule of life.

I’m here still, but at another level, and I will be with you when you blend with the minerals, only then you will see what a fool you walked the paths.

The summary of us women was shorter than we expected, but it all leads to a light that receives us with peace and joy, we are held by this emotion, this inheritance of the saints that because of you I got to embrace much sooner.

So to all the Girls Like Gabby Pettito Black, white, Asian, Latino, European, and so on…

To all of us in different frequencies, let's move on, helping each other, either by changing and becoming wiser and learning from this, or by helping other ladies who are blinded, or just simply transforming ourselves and giving God a helping hand.

To ALL the girls like Gabby Pettito, “We Won Either Way!”




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Sulanita Sanchez

Sulanita Sanchez

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