Traits of a Pathological Liar

Sometimes is good to avoid certain types of people that are no good for your life. Some are impossible, but following through with some of my mentions will truly help you make a wise choice.

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We stumble across new faces every day so many times, we know they are all different individuals but for some reason, we think it's ok to have interactions with strangers and chit chat or make friends without testing them first. And we also understand that we teach our little ones to not trust strangers or speak to strangers but as adults, we lack this.

In no way I want people to walk around all paranoid but have you looked at the news lately, do you seriously think we could not be of some type of tragic statistic for being so trustworthy?

Fermenting the wrong vibe is not what I try to do here but to walk with smarts, and exhibiting intelligence in certain liar traits can save you a lot of unwanted stress. Because with lies comes more things ahead that may be much more serious and hurtful and tragic.

Let's start with a list of things, and take off from there.

Forgetting things they have said before

Claiming to not remember

Coughing before answering

Avoiding certain topics

They hardly have any friends due to people realizing

Can't make eye contact

Dramatic stories

They are always the hero or victim

They actually believe their lies (run)

They lie without a clear motive

Usually are not thinking rationally of their lies

Low self-esteem

They cause deception and not feel sympathy or empathy for the victim

They think they have actually done nothing wrong

If they apologize there is a high probability is also a lie (some cases)

They seem to be anxious all the time because they are guilty

They hate the stare of others because they think others are trying to figure them out or they have been caught.

They tend to psychologically manipulate others

Most of these liars think fast with a response but sometimes like this they seem to get lost in their world of lies to just add more lies

They seem to blame others a lot

Seem VERY charismatic

Some prefer to listen instead of speak.

If you see this you can either do two things avoid them or get them help, but remember some of these traits come from other mental disorders, and some who suffer from these disorders once discovered may feel caught and frustrated with their own negligence, they may fear this is too much to handle someone unraveling their truth and try to hurt you, so choose wisely.

When it comes to investigators they usually go for gestures and body language, most of these are probably mentioned above, but many researchers question this but it’s simple you never ever really get to know a person, but these indicators might help a lot, just like every psychopath murderer has its signature a pathological liar has his. I think the basis of this all is that when you really see this type of person or any person how they respond to a normal basic question and later on respond differently to different stages of more personal or severe questions, you start seeing more in-depth of how the body wants to hide the truth in so many ways. But so many things fall into study especially if the person is normally nervous, or has an unknown or known disorder.

Look at this and tell me you have not seen this before?

These will be under interrogation or just when asked one question.

Shifting legs constantly .

Shaking legs.

Sucking, licking, biting, or holding back lips.

Unable to answer correctly, whether is stuttering, or pronouncing things wrong.

Coughing before answering, or sort of choking.

Dry mouth suddenly thirsty.

Red cheek patches on the face.

Sweating palms or on the T-Bone

Direct look, or poker face.

Sudden Twitching

Starts asking to get him something to think of his lie and give him more time

Repeats the same question making it sound rhetorical

Looks away and can't seem to look at you while he/she answers.


Looks to the left after or before a question

Holds his hands together

Puts his hands out but hides palms from you.

Touches a certain part of his face constantly.

Pushes his hair back or slides his hands through his hair constantly.

Changing your hat around and later on forward again. (Understand please that some of these when we are under stress we are prompt to do) But when someone is being pressured to answer certain types of questions you might see this.

I am pretty sure there are so many more, I will be for sure writing more about this at another time. Especially when it does help finding criminals and pathological liars.




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