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You Can Be 16 or 61, but I'm Still Your Mother!

Older children think after they age we still don't worry, but we worry even more because you’re almost out of our hands, and we cater to you when you're sick just like day 1.

Yesterday my kids went on to get regular shots, I hate these shots because I already know what to expect when it comes to side effects. So I was already preparing myself mentally.

So once we left the kids clinic from getting each kid their yearly wellness check including shots, (so they call it now) we made a couple of stops then went home. My daughter was acting hyper, shots seem to put kids this way sometimes so I'm used to it, but my son was feeling a bit off. My son had 2 shots and my daughter 3. Both age range is different, and due to the pandemic, some shots were put on hold, mind you, my son has 2 more basic vaccine shots coming.

So I decided they should finish some work and later we see a family movie together. Well, it started out that my son was getting a bit argumental, everything me and his sister would say he had something to say, I knew something was up. My children were raised to respect and be patient, even if it's hard at times. And say how you feel respectfully and if you have nothing nice to say, either stay shut or learn to say it in a respectful matter to not offend.

My son was not having it yesterday night, and it always starts like this…..

“Hey, what's the problem, you have a bad attitude no one has done a thing or 2 to you?”, and… “what's that face for?”, “Are you sure you okay?” He goes on to tell me, “yes, I am”.

I was indeed hesitant to believe this by my experience with him. You see my son when he was a baby, he would cry, and walk irritated when he was tired, and always say he was, ‘ok, and not tired’. I would ask him, “ Hun, are you tired?” His response will always say “NO!” He wanted to refuse his little body was tired to keep doing what he was doing until I will find him passed out somewhere with his bottle, or he will hardly make it to the bed and I will have to pick him up and put him in his bed.

Well, what started as a fun night watching a family movie turned out to be a nightmare, because of a severe storm threat last night, lights went off. We managed to put lights everywhere, we are always preparing like this. My cell phone was on charged 26%, the laptop had no charge, my kids a few. My son's eyes were glassy and bloodshot red, his eyes look like puppy eyes, one thing about my son that he stills doesn't realize is that his eyes never lie, it expresses everything right away, he could never hide his true feelings his eyes gives him in.

So… I told him nope something is wrong hun, let me check your body temperature with the palm of my hands. So I felt his back nothing, his head nothing, his cheeks and arms and toes all remained okay. But when I decided to check exactly where he got his vaccine shot it was so hot, I knew then it was time and that sooner or later that was going to spread and he was going to start feeling the side effects, I got a whole bunch of ice to place them where the vaccine was put, gave him only one Tylenol, washing my hands continuously, putting a mask on and taking every safety precaution, before you know it he started experiencing nausea every time he breathed but no vomiting, no stomach pain, thirsty, and he was uncomfortable he couldn't find comfort in any way he laid. His eyes got glassier and tired-looking he felt sluggish, and that's when hell broke loose! I felt his back super hot, toes hot, arms less but warmer and head, face, and cheeks were super hot. I started taking temperature and fever was present, it finally spread everywhere gave him 2 more Tylenol, and started putting ice consistently everywhere I spend all night catering to this evil fever that didn't want to go all this while lights were off, I was so scared I laid near him just going it would go away, now it was me with that look in my eyes. If I fell asleep I would wake up jumping to this excruciating chest fear that he wasn't breathing or alive because of his temperature so I fought with my sleep and managed to break night and follow up on him until he was way better.

You see it doesn't matter what age if your 16 or 61 I am your mother and I will always be and take care of you and your sister equally the same way . The love of a mother is beautiful and overwhelming, the fear of losing a kid, the way we truly suffer seeing our child in pain. just love my kids so much I just don't know how to explain it any better. You can push a mother away, she can let you go and grow to be independent but she will find ways to know your 100% okay.

Today he is doing okay though I'm periodically checking on his temp, I mean I was a nurse, after all, is in me, but regardless not all mothers are nurses after all when we look after our kids it comes natural to us.

He looks at me with these eyes like if he was saying to himself, “like dam she stood all night by my side making sure I was okay”. Today you can see how grateful he was he kept saying Thank you all day, lol!

It feels good to be a mother. To all mothers, Happy Mothers Day!




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