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You’ve Been Diagnosed With Diabetes With No Knowledge Of What To Cook To Survive

One day you just come out of the doctor's office, just to be hit with a new extra life struggle and no step-to-step guide, and you ask yourself, “Now What?”

Let me start by saying that in the US alone,34.2 million adults have diabetes that’s 10.5% of the population, and let me tell you I'm sure the number is way higher; being that no one wants to step into a hospital these days. About the death toll, it's obvious that it has only increased, diabetes doesn't discriminate, is a do-it-now or die later type of disease.

Diabetes is something you need to embrace. Take a deep breath because if you thought you were lost I got you. At first is dam hard to grasp, especially when you have to start thinking of what’s your next move, how's it going to be, because now one meal can impact your daily health, and make those around you worried sick.


Eating Healthy is such a critical part of managing your diabetes, and decreasing inflammation in the body, increasing good cholesterol, and decreasing triglycerides and bad cholesterol.

Antioxidants from a healthy choice recipe can help boost your immune response to help fight day-to-day stressors.

I mean don't you want to prevent the possible terrifying outcomes of what this disease can possibly lead to, as many sorts of cancer because we all know that insulin may encourage tumor growth. Therefore getting the best well-researched put-together recipes, lowers the risk of diabetes and its cruel complications. So you can still eat many foods without sending your blood sugar soaring.

Diabetes if not taken seriously, or care of, by not eating the right foods, will eventually start causing further damage to other organs in the long run. Causing more complications inside and out. That's right, the biggest organ we have is our skin, you will start seeing the impact right away, you’ll start to experience new allergies to over-skin dryness.

The invisible damage it does to your body, in spite of that you might still feel fine, but then out of nowhere experience a stroke, amputation, wake up to kidney failure, or worst blindness. I have seen this too many times not only with patients but with loved ones. Especially those that let go and believe they have nothing wrong with them just because they feel good. Ignoring the fact that this demon works silently.

This is something you must work with, educate yourself, learn to embrace, and start by learning new recipes each day that can change your whole life around to feeling better or controlling this disease.

But you must start now, STOP hesitating so much, this is your life, and you only get one shot at it. We are not born with knowledge, we learn in the way. So here I got the perfect Recipe Book that will guide you, with 369 ways to make your life easier and fewer worries. A cookbook fit with recipes made exactly for Diabetes. Learn the secrets of adding and mixing certain foods that will stabilize your glucose.

Delicious Ultimate Diabetic Recipes surpasses so many other cookbooks, these are not only healthy but tasty and easy to do.No more dealing with tasteless meals. Is time to be able to indulge the right way and not feel tortured or guilty for a disease we didn't ask for to begin with.

Is time to STOP feeling sorry for yourself, and making a change. To beat this, eating right will only help you keep levels right, and sometimes reverse this disease. Delicious makes it so easy to handle, with illustrated well-written recipes, why not take an extra huge dip for your health.

I don't know if you knew this but once you’re diagnosed, is like they hit the panic button, and survival mode kicks in, but most don't know how to start, as if the pandemic is not enough! Now another thing to worry about. Did you know the chances of surviving this pandemic are less for us, I am a pre-diabetic myself, and all I know is if whatever complications arise, at least I am aware, I did this trying.

Once you start eating right, you will realize and feel like every day is normal, stress will be less, and you can start focusing on the things that matter, but you can't do this if in the back of your head you know you are not taking good care of yourself, all you will be doing is causing more harm and more stress, and we all know what stress leads us to, especially when we reach a certain age.

The ultimate delicious diabetic cookbook is made exactly for those who suffer from this disease, every teaspoon is measured to perfection to make sure that with every bite you're getting the calories you need, enough to sustain and keep your blood sugar up to date. You cannot do better than this.

by James Freeman




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